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These are answers to the most common questions about the offer

How much will it be for two shears?      $25.   This is a great special to have main shear, and a backup shear, ready for going back to work.

How much will it be for one shear?        $25.   This is still a very great deal to have your shear back to perfect cutting condition. If it has been more than 6 months since your last sharpening, you should call me and take advantage of this special offer.

How much will it be for four shears?     $40.  Yes this is an amazing price to get all your shears back to perfect condition, you can afford to have me make your main shears perfect, and your backup shears perfectly sharp now, too.

Can I combine my shears with another stylists shears for even bigger savings?   This offer is for each stylist separately.  This is such a good deal, please allow me to serve each of your orders separately. I do appreciate if you have your friends shears for me to do also when I come to do your shears.

Can you come by my house?      Yes, I will sharpen your shears at my car.  I have my own AC power, and am fully self contained.

What about social distancing?      I will call or message you when I am on my way to your place. You can leave your shears in an agreed place, along with the money. I suggest wrapping them in a towel.  After I am finished with the shears, I will test them, and then place them back in their towel, in the agreed place. I will let you know that they are finished.  I have regularly been sharpening shears without even needed to be near my stylists.

Can you sharpen my thinning shears?   Yes I sharpening thinning shears.

Do you sharpen chunkers?  Chunking shears need to have the best sharpening so that they are an extension of your hand as you work. I will make your chunkers perfect again.

What about texturizing shears?  Yes, texturizing shears should probably be sharpened at least every other time you sharpen your regular shears.

Do you use a grinding wheel?  NO!!!!  Do not trust a grinding wheel based system, they will wear your shears down in no time. My sharpening equipment and procedure is well known to be ten times gentler than grinding wheels. I never cut corners on my sharpening, You always get the sharpening suitable for a $2000 shear. Hundreds of stylists love the results of my work. You will too!

How do you sharpen styling and barber shears?  I use a flat hone machine for convex and beveled edge shears and we finish the ride with a Japanese wet stone.

What brands of shears do you sharpen?   Centrix, Cricket, Hikari, Nic, Musashi, KB Shears, Hatori Hanzo, Sensei, Olivia Garden, Rocket Dog, Shark Fin. Kai, C-Mon, Mitzutani, Kamisori. I sharpen every brand of beauty shear back to factory perfect condition.

Is there any extra charge for long shears?  Shears over 6 inches in length do take more work, and are $15 each.  This is still an amazing savings compared to the $40 that barbers and stylists are willing to pay me for the best sharpening they have ever received.

I have dropped my shears a lot, and my shears have bad dings in the blades, is there any extra charge? There may be a $5 extra charge if the blades have bad damage and require a lot of extra work. The special offer for sharpening that shear would be $15 instead of $10.

My shears are missing the bumper, do you replace the bumper? I can replace the bumper on most shears if needed, it is included with my full price sharpening, but for this special offer there will be a $2 extra charge for replacing bumpers. 

Do you do curved groomer shears?  Absolutely I do sharpen all brands of curved dog grooming shears. I even sharpen the old hand made curved philipino shears.

I have a couple of shears that were not done right by another sharpener. Can you fix them?  I have a very good track record at bringing shears back to factory original working condition. One day, at one of my salons, 3 stylists each gave me a shear to fix, and I had all three shears back to perfect condition.

Do you sharpen my kitchen knives also?  Sorry, my equipment is very specialized for doing salon shears.

Do you repair clippers, or sharpen clipper blades?   No, I specialize only in salon and grooming shears.  I recommend replacing clipper blades, they are only $20 in the best barber supply catalogs.

Can you sharpen craft shears, and office shears?  Yes, I do sharpen those too. They are $5 each, $25 minimum.

I serve a very large area, and to keep my travel time reasonable, I will be keeping a list of stylists who want this special in each city. When I have a reasonable number of shears (10+), or stylists (4+), in your area, I will then let you know the specific morning or afternoon that I can come to your area.

How you can help:  
  1. Let everyone else in your salon know about this special    Can you let other stylists in your salon know about this special deal? You know I have always done your shears perfectly, and I will give all your coworkers shears the same attention to detail.    Send them this URL:
  2. Do you know any stylists who live near you?      Please forward this website and offer to them. That will help me more quickly get enough stylists in your city that I can come to you sooner to give you this great deal on sharpening. 

This Sharpening Special Is a Limited Time Offer

Call or text me now at +1(415)779-6075 and reserve your sharpening appointment today!

Don't miss this great deal. When this offer is over, my prices will go back to their regular rate.

Garnet R. Chaney

I provide shear sharpening for hair stylists, groomers, barbers, and hair salons, for these counties in California: Marin county, Contra Costa county, Napa county, Sonoma County, Alameda county, Sacramento County.


Text or Call: +1 (415) 779 6075 

I do shear sharpening in these cities: Novato, San Rafael, Fairfax, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Corte Madera, Richmond, Pinole. Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Vallejo, Fairfield, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastapol, Piedmont, Orinda,
Lafayette, Alamo, Moraga, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.



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